What a childcare website should contain?

First impression is the last impression isn’t completely true but it carries a lot of weight. In the current digital world, the first thing parents do is to search for the day care around them on internet. A facility that talks out loud about themselves catches the eyes of the parents before the ones that have only a name & phone number listed somewhere. So, this brings out two very important aspects of marketing yourself:

  1. Your business should be listed on a marketing platform that focuses mainly on the Child care, e.g. http://www.bearcare.org
  2. The business profile should be comprehensive and structured in the way that parents love to read

www.bearcare.org offers  a very well structured template to build a profile for a Child care facilty. The thoughtful structure makes it easy for the business owners to represent themselves in the best possible way. Creating a detailed profile might seem like a hard job to do and I won’t lie that it takes some effort to write a good one. But trust me it is worth an investment for your business. A good profile is your only way to impress the parents without even meeting them in person. Here are some points to be considered while building your profile:


  1. DayCare Overview : This your play area. Play well here! Write as much as you can about yourself. Follow some good examples on internet and structure your thoughts to impress the parents. This is the section where you can actually connect with the parents. Don’t hold yourself back from writing all the things that you have to offer. Every business has some unique things in their offering. Get that uniqueness out here and stand out. A good format to follow could be:

<Paragraph 1: Welcome the readers and introduce your daycare with a very brief introduction of your team. Write about your goal / mission and general philosophy. Talk about early childhood education.>

<Paragraph 2:  Describe your facility in your words. Highlight the features, like kids play area, safety, cleanliness etc. >

<Paragraph 3: Talk about your licensing and accreditations. Make sure to mention any awards or good testimonials that you received>

<Paragraph 4: Mention  any ongoing offers>

  1. Website : Don’t leave this item empty. Having a website makes a good impression on today’s internet savvy parents. If you don’t have a website of your own, read How to build a DayCare website for free.
  1. Amenities: More the amenities more the chances of getting new clients. If you don’t have a lot to put, still don’t worry. Put whatever you got. By adding your amenities and features to you profile you are already ahead of many others.
  1. Activities: www.bearcare.org provides a section to list your activities. Parents love to see what their kids are going to do in the day care. Filling this section will make your profile better than ever. Having a comprehensive schedule published is the easiest way to demonstrate how a daycare fuels kids’ learning and development as the core piece of their program and care.
  1. Caregiver: Parents feel safe and confident knowing the person they are going to leave their child with. And, this is your first chance to impress them by putting your best foot forward.Writing some good details about the caregiver(s) is highly recommended. Adding pictures of the team adds a very big value.

6. PICTURES: A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding pictures to your profile increases your chances of getting shortlisted by 60%. Please spend some time taking good pictures of your daycare and posting them in your profile.


How parents chose daycare, childcare and pre-schools in digital era?

Choosing a daycare or child care center is a very emotional decision to many parents especially for parents with the first kid. They are not clear what to look for. Even if they have an idea of their needs, another challenge is how to and where to find those daycares. Most of the new parents get a referral from their friends and family. The approach works for some and fails for others because each parent has different care needs and priority for their loved one.

Below are some key attributes which parents look for while finding a home away from their home for their little ones.

  1. Lovingness and Care – It’s not easy to leave a little kid with someone you came to know from just a referral. Parents need to learn about the caregiver’s background, how long have they been in child care profession, what are their credentials and what is their philosophy for child care.
  2. Safety and cleanliness – How seriously safety of kids is considered by daycare or childcare centers is a very important deciding factor for the parents. A special focus in this area and making parents aware of how you do it makes parents comfortable leaving their kids at your facility. They are going to leave their most precious belonging with you and proving the point that safety and hygiene are the center of your care means a lot to them.
  3. Learning and Curriculum – In this competitive era, most of the parents are very cautious about the early education aspect. Their belief is that the foundation of learning is established much earlier than the elementary school. Having well-rounded curriculum for every aspect (motor, cognitive, social, language, etc.) of development is a fundamental requirement from any daycare. Learning is a key piece of early childhood education and teaching of these skills need to be done right by all the daycares.
  4. Communication and Experience – Last but not the least, getting a day-to-day report on a child’s development is very important for both mom and dad. The parents want to know all about what happened when the child was away from them. Different parents may look for different information, most interested areas being whether the child ate well, what was taught during the day, the summary of activities and kids performance, any weird behaviors noticed and so on. Nowadays, while every business focuses on providing the best experience to their customers, it’s important for daycares and child care centers to understand what parents want and include a good communication experience as part of their growth strategy.

In today’s digital world, most of the parents search information online and shortlist the daycares or childcare centers which seem to fit with their children’s care needs and their priorities.

If you are daycare, childcare or preschool, in fact, anyone who is involved in child care and education you need to revisit your overall plan. You need to consider the points listed above and your marketing and execution plan needs to fit the digital needs of parents. The questions you need to ask –

  • Do you address the needs of parents that were highlighted in this blog?
  • Are you using right marketing platforms that are designed to communicate all above information to parents in more comprehensive and structured way?
  • Do you have a website? If not, you can probably make use of How to build a DayCare website for free to quickly create one for yourself.
  • Does your own website or marketing portal offers information in a comprehensive and structured manner that parents are looking for in the discovery phase?

It’s important to build the digital presence, preferably at a marketing platform (like www.bearcare.org) that is focused on child care market. Parents go there to search and shortlist their choices before visiting daycares, childcares for an interview. While you are building a structured comprehensive micro-site on such a platform, you will also start realizing what you do well to meet parents need and what is missing that you can improve further.
Hope this article provides a perspective to small home daycare, child care centers and pre-schools on how to meet the parent’s needs in digital era. Subscribe via email to receive the future posts.

How to build a DayCare website for free

If you are here, reading this page, I believe that you already agree with the fact that you need a website for your business. If you are still contemplating whether have one or not, read Do I need a website for my DayCare?.

In this blog, we are going to see how DayCare owners can develop a free website for their businesses. Just follow these simple steps below.

  • Go to http://www.bearcare.org
  • Click on ‘Signup’
  • Provide a ‘UserName’, ‘Email’ & ‘Password’
  • A sign-up form will open up. Fill in all the details and save it.

Make sure to spend some time filling all the sections. Remember, this is your representation on the web. The better you make it, the better you position yourselves in front of the parents. For a limited time, Team-BearCare is offering help in reviewing the profile. Email: support@bearcare.org for any kind of assistance.

Your due diligence here in filling this form will get you a free one-page micro-website to share with your prospective or existing clients.

Do I need a Website for my DayCare?

As a new or may be a seasoned daycare provider this is a very obvious question to come to your mind. And, there’s an even more obvious answer to that – YES! You very much need one. In today’s Hi-Tech world, not having a website for your business is like not having a cellphone in your pocket. It is like one of those basic necessities for your business missing out on which is putting yourself out of competition.

The first place where parents look for while starting their search for a daycare is internet. Having a place on the web that tells all about you and your business more than doubles your chances of getting a visitor. Having a website adds to your credibility. You can use your website to talk all about your business, yourself as a care giver, your team of care givers, kids’ activities that you do, etc. Your website is your first place of advertisement and your first chance to impress parents.

Now that we know that having a presence on the web is a must, let’s see how you can get one. There are many websites, services that help build a free website. But, don’t fall for ‘free’ here. These websites let you build a website for no cost but hosting (actually running) your website costs money. If your operational budget can cover this expense, then go for it and get a website for yourself.

http://www.bearCare.org hosts a free micro-website (microsite) for you. This is a single page website for you on which you can have all the info laid out in the format parents want to see. My blog How to build a DayCare website for free covers how one can get started with it.